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Ground and roasted for french press / filter coffee - 250g

We taste: Apricot, lemon verbana, pink flowers, buttery.

Origin: Bolivia

Region: Caranavi

Producer: The rodriguez family

Farm: Yungas, las paz

Altitude: 1550 masl

Varietal: Java

Process: Fermented Washed

Swan Song Coffee - Manchester

“I started Swan Song in November 2018 after wanting to do something of my own within coffee for as long as I can remember. I’ve always loved how speciality coffee really made a point to define itself as ‘different’. For me, I wanted to create a small roastery where the product I offer each time is an honest reflection of my personal values towards coffee and somehow to incorporate the other passions I have.

I’d describe the approach of our roasting as technology-aided artisan roasting. Using state of art roasting equipment in the form of our Stronghold S7 Pro to produce brilliant tasting coffee consistently in small batches. I just hope to be able to represent the outstanding producer’s whose coffee and story I do my best to represent in the best light I possibly can.

The core principles of Swan Song Coffee are sustainability, transparency and traceability. I want to always display as much information about the producers and the communities as I’m able to obtain through the variety of award-winning and reputable importers we partner with to source our coffee in a fair ethical manner. I just want people to enjoy the story, the coffee and give people a moment in their day to really look forward to and treasure"