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Ground and roasted for French press / filter coffee - 250g

We taste: Toffee Apple, White Grape and Orange Blossom

Origin: Colombia

Region: Palestina, Pitalito.

Producer: Nelson Fabio Cordoba

Farm: Finca La

Altitude: 1820

Varietal: Tabi

Process: Fully Washed

Importer: Sucafina

Cupping Score: 87.00

Swan Song Coffee - Manchester

“I started Swan Song in November 2018 after wanting to do something of my own within coffee for as long as I can remember. I’ve always loved how speciality coffee really made a point to define itself as ‘different’. For me, I wanted to create a small roastery where the product I offer each time is an honest reflection of my personal values towards coffee and somehow to incorporate the other passions I have.

I’d describe the approach of our roasting as technology-aided artisan roasting. Using state of art roasting equipment in the form of our Stronghold S7 Pro to produce brilliant tasting coffee consistently in small batches. I just hope to be able to represent the outstanding producer’s whose coffee and story I do my best to represent in the best light I possibly can.

The core principles of Swan Song Coffee are sustainability, transparency and traceability. I want to always display as much information about the producers and the communities as I’m able to obtain through the variety of award-winning and reputable importers we partner with to source our coffee in a fair ethical manner. I just want people to enjoy the story, the coffee and give people a moment in their day to really look forward to and treasure"

The Story behind this coffee:

Pitalito lies in the southern-most part of Huila. Producers are focused almost exclusively on producing specialty coffee. While the majority of trees are either Castillo or Caturra, farmers in Pitalito also cultivate more ‘exotic’ varieties than any other region in Colombia.

The high altitude of 1,400 to 1,900 meters above sea level is made even more farmable by the amiable geography. Thanks to gentle, rolling hills, Pitalito is much easier to farm than the steep cliffs that are common in many other regions in Colombia. Most farms sit on a large plateau that looks over the Valley of Laboyos.

Farmers here are mainly smallholders. In fact, 80% of coffee farms are smaller than 3 hectares. On smaller farms, nearly all labor is done by the family. Very few farms hire farmhands. As a result, quality can be carefully controlled and families can focus more energy on intensive farming practices that result in high quality coffee. Families take great pride in their coffee production.

Nelson Favio Cordoba is the producer of this Tabi micro-lot who lives on his parents where he maintains the land that is abound with verdant plants. Including lush ferns and crops like lulo, a Colombian fruit that is popular for making a lemonade-like drink.

Nelson grows the Tabi varietal. Tabi is a cross between Typica, Bourbon and Timor created by CENICAFE. It was released in 2002 and combines coffee leaf rust resistance with the good cup quality of Bourbon and Typica. The name comes from the word “tabi,” meaning “good” in Guambiano, the dialect of a native Colombia tribe.

Nelson selectively handpicks cherry and pulps it on his farm. Then, he ferments coffee in a tank or plastics bags for 20 to 30 hours. After washing parchment in clean water, he lays it to dry on his marquesinas, flat drying beds on the top of his house. He rakes parchment frequently to ensure even drying. It takes approximately 10 to 15 days for parchment to dry.